Putting the Fact in Fantasy


Sarah is a contributor to: Putting the Fact in Fantasy, a collection of essays from historians, linguists, martial artists, and other experts to help you write more compelling fantasy by getting the facts right.

Whether it’s correctly naming the parts of a horse, knowing how lords and ladies address one another, or building a realistic fantasy army, getting the details right takes fantasy writing to the next level. Featuring some of the most popular articles from Dan Koboldt’s Fact in Fantasy blog as well as several never-before-seen essays, this book gives aspiring and established fantasy writers alike an essential foundation to the fascinating history and cultures of our own world, which serve as a jumping-off point for more inspired and convincing fantasy.

"This gem of a book is packed with all sorts of great writing advice from 34 different authors to help writers build worlds that feel realistic. How to have realistic swordfights, everything you ever wanted to know about horses, all the ways that food can enhance the world you are creating...and so much more. This is a must-have for your writing library."
– Crystal King, author of Feast of Sorrow

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