Sarah J. Sover writes fantasy crossover novels while raising two energetic little people. Her debut novel, Double-Crossing The Bridge became an Amazon best-seller in humorous fantasy, she's had short fiction included in both exclusive JordanCon Anthologies, and two of her articles are set to appear in Dan Koboldt's Putting The Fact In Fantasy, releasing from Writer's Digest Books in 2022.

A Georgia Southern Bell Honor’s graduate who grew up living near Detroit, London, Miami, and Atlanta, Sarah’s background is as varied as her answers to the dreaded “where are you from” question. She’s done everything from wildlife rehabilitation to data management, leaving notebooks filled with bad poetry in her wake.

Sarah resides in John's Creek, Ga with her brilliant husband Alex, two kids, rescue pup Gandalf the Grey, and seemingly immortal snake. Her father is a newsman, and her mother is an avid reader who taught her and her little brother to believe in the magic all around us. Sarah hopes to raise her girls to leave a little room for magic in their lives too!

In addition to writing, Sarah can be found on the regional SFF Convention scene. She's also been a 2x speaker for Writer's Digest Conferences, written for the blog, and been featured in the Breaking-In Column of Writer's Digest magazine.

She loves craft beer, blues dancing, binging superhero Netflix shows, hobby jumping, Disney, and groove metal.

You can find Sarah on Facebook or Twitter.