Sarah J. Sover is the author of fantasy crossover novels, short stories, and nonfiction articles. Sarah writes the Urban Fantasy Fractured Fae Series (Fairy Godmurder, Faed to Black, and the forthcoming Pixie Dusted) for Falstaff Books. She calls it Jessica Jones with sparkle. Her comedic fantasy Double-Crossing the Bridge, about a group of drunk trolls pulling a perilous heist, originally released in 2019 and was re-released by Falstaff in 2022 with a sequel, Trolled, slated for 2024/2025. Her short fiction has appeared in anthologies, and she’s written articles for Writer’s Digest Magazine,, and for Dan Koboldt’s Putting the Fact in Fantasy. Sarah has a degree in Biology and a background in animal care, which she uses to thoroughly gross out readers. She spends her time raising two little forces of nature with her husband Alex in John’s Creek, Ga. In addition to writing, Sarah enjoys binging all SFF media, blues dancing, painting, and pretending to play guitar. She can frequently be found pillaging Hades or Hyrule while sipping on a good IPA and pinned beneath her rescue pup Gandalf the Grey.

You can find Sarah on Facebook or Twitter.