Hidden Villains Betrayed

Hidden Villains: Betrayed

Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Speculative Fiction anthology led by best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson. A diverse group of authors join in with a broad spectrum of genres and styles sure to capture your imagination

Featuring Stories By:
Patrick Dugan, Sarah J. Sover, Tim Lewis, Michael La Ronn, Sara Jordan-Heintz, Kevin A Davis, Karen A. Phillips, Rachel Nussbaum, JL George, Laura Ruth Loomis, Michele Stuart, Kareem Miskel, Mike Jack Stoumbos, Madelyn Lopez


The JordanCon 2022 Anthology: Neither Beginnings Nor Endings, has evolved and now features not only great short stories but also artwork from our talented group of JordanCon members and guests. All proceeds of this Anthology will go towards supporting JordanCon's 2021 charity, and copies ordered here can be picked up at the Charity Events room anytime during the convention.

Featuring Stories By:
Marie Brennan, Paige L. Christie, Gerald L. Coleman, R. A. Col贸n, Kevin A Davis, Joe Kielbowicz, Tim Lewis, Katharine Reid, Sarah J. Sover, and Rosemary Williams

Featuring Art By:
Michael Bielaczyc, Paul Bielaczyc, Ariel Burgess, Amanda Carman, Melissa Gay, Debbie Hughes, Kelly Keuneke, Amanda Makepeace, Amy N. Romanczuk, and Charles Urbach


Neither Beginnings Nor Endings


Become Legend


Become Legend: The JordanCon 2020 Anthology is now available for pre-sale. This collection contains 20 short stories all in some way addressing the theme of “Legends”, with stories from both guests and attendees of JordanCon. All proceeds of this Anthology will go towards supporting JordanCon’s 2020 charity, and copies ordered here can be picked up at the Charity Events room anytime during the convention.

Included short story:
The Legendary Lord Redfield The Reaper, by Sarah J. Sover, is the MontyPython-esque tale of Dougal, a neer-do-well who bumbles his way to infamy.

Included stories by:
Terry A. Beyer, Sara T. Bond, Paige L. Christie, Amy DuBoff, P. Andrew Floyd, Clint Hall, Saki Marie Harp, Faith Hunter, David Alan Jones, Darin Kennedy, Nicole Kurtz, Ross Newberry, Raine Palmer, Carl Sailor, Morgan Smith, Sarah J. Sover, Vincent E.M. Thorn, Paige Vest, Rosemary Williams, Rebecca Wynick


For over a decade, JordanCon has been a place where writers of all calibers, interests, and walks of life have come together to share their love of the craft. To honor that, we have collected stories that span science fiction and fantasy from past guests of honor, notable guests, and attendees and put them together in this limited edition anthology, available for sale exclusively at JordanCon. Proceeds of the sales will go towards the JordanCon Charity.

Included short story:
A Faerie Tale, by Sarah J. Sover, is a dark spin on classic lore that reminds us that the fae aren't to be taken lightly..

Included stories by:
Terry Beyer, Foster Bridget Cassidy, David B. Coe, Blue Cole, Gerald L. Coleman, Milton J Davis, Jason Denzel, P. Andrew Floyd, Charles E Gannon, John G. Hartness, Alexandra Hill, Robert A. Hilliard, Jr, Faith Hunter, David Alan Jones, Tim Lewis, Seanan McGuire, Jana Oliver, Brandon Sanderson, Morgan Smith, and Sarah J. Sover


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