Faed To Black

Ex-fairy godmother Gwendolyn Evenshine's world is turned upside down when her Seelie royal family members start dropping like flies. Thankfully, she's got Chessa Moon to back her up.


Fairy Godmurder

A fairy godmother with a vendetta and a killer pair of docs hunts down the bastard who slaughtered her first princess.


Double-Crossing the Bridge

Rent in New Metta is through the cavern ceiling. When Granu barely survives her first gig teaching students who attempt to fillet her for lunch, the baby-eating troll ends up unemployed and facing eviction. Granu's only prospect for income is grueling work in the tar pits. That is, until her playboy best friend devises a perfect, if suicidal, scheme—a heist!


Neither Beginnings Nor Endings

The JordanCon 2022 Anthology: Neither Beginnings Nor Endings


Become Legend

The JordanCon 2020 Anthology: Become Legend


Become Legend

The JordanCon 2019 Anthology: You Want Stories?


Putting the Fact in Fantasy

Whether it's correctly naming the parts of a horse, knowing how lords and ladies address one another, or building a realistic fantasy army, getting the details right takes fantasy writing to the next level.



Gold Dust Publishing brings you Reflections. A charity book featuring over forty authors, actors, musicians, entertainers, teachers, counselors, and everyday...


Hidden Villains Betrayed

Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Speculative Fiction anthology led by best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson. A diverse group of authors join in with a broad spectrum of genres and styles sure to capture your imagination

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